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August 2017   Making evidence matter
Evidence uptake and use from 3ie-funded studies
Using evidence on what does not work in improving maternal health to inform global health policies: Two states in India have implemented programmes incentivising private healthcare providers to increase institutional deliveries among pregnant women living below the poverty line. The Chiranjeevi Yojana in Gujarat is a state-wide programme reaching over 800 private hospitals. The Thayi Bhagya Yojana in Karnataka was smaller in scale, covering five districts and close to 90 healthcare providers. Researchers from Duke University led the impact evaluation of these programmes. They did not observe any increase in the rates of institutional deliveries or improvement in maternal health. The study pointed to factors such as low service quality and lack of service providers’ motivation in limiting the potential impact of government initiatives. In a recent report, Investing in Global Health Systems: Sustaining Gains, Transforming Lives (2014), the Institute of Medicine cited findings from the study to highlight the potential cost of not embedding impact evaluations in large-scale health programmes and scaling up ineffective programmes in the absence of rigorous evidence. Commissioned by USAID’s Bureau for Global Health, the report seeks to inform policymakers in the US Congress and other government authorities on the value of American investment in health systems in low- and middle-income countries.
New 3ie publications
Evidence gap map briefs: Mapping what we know about intimate partner violence and Mapping the evidence on state-society relations

Evidence gap map reports: Understanding financial agricultural risk for smallholder farmers in developing countries what do we know and not know? and Intimate partner violence prevention: an evidence gap map

Impact Evaluation report: Integration of EPI and paediatric HIV services for improved ART initiation in Zimbabwe

Programme brief: Assessing the impact of agricultural risk insurance programmes on smallholder farmers

Systematic review technical report: Interventions to improve the labour market outcomes of youth: a systematic review of training, entrepreneurship promotion, employment services and subsidized employment interventions

Scoping paper: Integrating HIV services with other health services to improve linkage to care, retention, and adherence: a scoping report
Peer-reviewed publications of 3ie-funded studies
Click here to access a list of the recent peer-reviewed publications of 3ie-funded research.
3ie at Upcoming events
3ie at Global Evidence Summit 2017, 13-16 September, Cape Town

3ie will be organising three panels at the Global Evidence Summit: (1) Rigorous and relevant systematic reviews: Lessons learned from mixed methods approaches in international development; (2) A panoramic view of rapid reviews – uses and perspectives from global collaborations and networks and (3) Mapping the evidence: different approaches to evidence mapping across disciplines. We are co-organising a workshop on early results of using our new approach to engaging stakeholders in 3ie-funded systematic reviews. The detailed and updated list with links to all programmes and timings will be available online on the conference website from 18 August onwards.

Capacity building to produce useful evidence: Who sets the agenda and what needs to change? Satellite session at the Global Evidence Summit, 12 September

3ie will be expanding our role in capacity building as part of our new strategy. To reflect on current capacity building approaches in the development sector, 3ie, the Africa Evidence Network, DPME, CLEAR-AA and J-PAL Africa are organising a satellite session. Discussions will look at ways to improve capacity building to meet producer and user needs and what actions we can take to promote a dialogue for change.
3ie at recent events

Evaluation Conclave 2017, Thimphu, 6-9 June
3ie staff participated in the Evaluation Conclave 2017 hosted by the Community of Evaluators – South Asia in collaboration with the Bhutan Gross National Happiness Commission. As one of the inaugural keynote speakers, Emmanuel Jimenez focused on improving evidence on governance, transparency and credibility. He called on evaluators to engage with decision makers,, consult a wider audience of stakeholders and ensure results of evaluations are easily and publicly available. 3ie organised a number of panels and workshops.
Interviews at the Evaluation Conclave 2017

Penny Hawkins, former head of evaluation at DFID and currently an independent evaluation consultant explained the need for creative evaluation. Stating that evaluations deal with complex and ‘wicked problems’ in a rapidly changing environment, she emphasised the need for evaluation approaches to evolve and ensure they are fit for purpose and relevant for use in the future.


John Gargani, former president the American Evaluation Association and founder of US- based Gargani+ Company explained how evaluation associations were taking on new roles enhance the enabling environment for evaluation across the world.

Satellite session at the International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Science, Paris, 24 July 2017
3ie organised a satellite session on evaluating the impact of HIV self-test availability on testing uptake, focusing on the evidence from 3ie-supported studies in Uganda, Zambia and Kenya. The session was well attended by approximately 100 participants, including 3ie grantees and the permanent secretary from Zambia’s health ministry. 3ie’s studies received some press coverage and our Zambia study was listed among the conference highlights in the IAS newsletter.

3ie Delhi seminar, 13 July
Saugato Datta, managing editor of Ideas42, presented findings from three very different case studies that used behaviour science to design peer comparison interventions. One of the cases was an attempt to encourage households in Costa Rica to reduce wastage of water. They designed a one-time intervention focused on the neighbourhood and the municipality to remind people to conserve water. He also gave the example of a study in South Africa to reduce wastage of energy. The intervention identified energy champions in offices to monitor and report on electricity usage and held an inter-floor competition to compare energy use. Involving peers resulted in some change in behaviour in the office. Divya Nair, associate director at IDinsight, was the main discussant. Emmanuel Jimenez chaired the session. Watch the video recording of the presentation here.

3ie-IFPRI seminar, Washington DC, 15 June
Caio Piza from the World Bank’s Development Research Group presented on an experimental impact assessment of a pilot project on financial education. The intervention targeted school students in the municipalities of Manaus and Joinville in Brazil, during the academic year 2015. The pilot’s objective was to raise the level of financial knowledge and change attitudes related to consumer decisions and savings of elementary school students. Caio reported that the programme was not very helpful for the younger students (no improvement in knowledge) and somewhat helpful for older (grade seven and nine) students. As a result, Brazil is rolling out the programme more widely in middle schools, but not in elementary schools.
3ie in the news
Findings from the a 3ie-funded study, Testing the effectiveness of payments for ecosystem services to enhance conservation in productive landscapes in Uganda, were mentioned in articles in The Atlantic and The New York Times. The findings have also been published in Science Journal. The authors of the study found that paying landowners small sums to discourage the cutting of trees worked to slow the pace of deforestation.
Job opportunities at 3ie
Director, Synthesis and Reviews Office, 3ie, London
3ie invites highly qualified candidates to apply for the post of director of our Synthesis and Review Office in London, UK. The director will lead a small and dynamic team dedicated to the production and use of synthesised evidence to inform policy in international development. The ideal candidate will have strong international development and management experience. The office is hosted by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and is based at the London International Development Center (LIDC). The deadline for submitting applications is 15 September. Read more here.
Consultant- research associate, New Delhi
The incumbent for this position will support the Policy Advocacy and Communication Office of their work on monitoring and measuring evidence uptake and use from 3ie-funded studies. The applicant must have the right to work in India. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Read more here.
Job opportunities at other organisations
Monitoring and evaluation manager, Oxford Policy Management, New Delhi
The DFID-funded Action on Climate Today programme is recruiting a resident monitoring and evaluation manager. This position will be will be a full-time consultancy on a one-year renewable contract basis until March 2019. The deadline to apply for this position is 21 August 2017. Read more.

Monitoring, learning and evaluations specialist, Counterpart International, Washington D.C
Counterpart International is currently seeking a monitoring, evaluations and learning specialist to provide technical leadership on the USAID Center for Digital Development-funded programme to increase the use of data for strategic planning and adaptive programming within USAID missions, bureaus, and independent offices. The deadline to apply for this position is 10 September 2017. Read more.

Senior research associate, Innovations for Poverty Action, Sierra Leone
IPA is seeking a senior research associate to oversee a pilot and full-scale RCT on a cognitive behavioural therapy programme. The associate will work closely with the IPA country director, implementing and policy partners, and with the principal investigators. The deadline to apply for this position is 21 August 2017. Read more.

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