As a part of promoting sustainable growth in international development, we provide evaluation and synthesis resources for policymakers, researchers, implementers and users of rigorous high-quality evidence in decision-making.

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This repository is an extensive compilation of impact evaluations, systematic reviews, and evidence gap maps in international development.
Alan Gignoux World Bank
3ie has developed this glossary of impact evaluation terms to help clarify frequently used concepts and methods to help promote a common vocabulary.
 PIR Methods Menu prototype
This user tool is designed to help development evaluators and practitioners choose the right evidence approach(es) for their program phase, context, and needs.
Journal of Development Effectiveness
The Journal of Development Effectiveness publishes papers reporting evidence of impact of development interventions.
The IDCG is a multidisciplinary network of researchers, policymakers, practitioners and funders.
We maintain a range of free online publications.
RIDIE is a prospective registry of impact evaluations of development policies and programmes in L&MICs.
Video lectures
In this series, 3ie experts provide a simple overview of core concepts in impact evaluations systematic reviews and evidence use, drawing on examples from multiple sectors.