Alan WhelanTrócaire3ie members are public and private donors, government agencies from low- and middle-income countries. Together, they form a diverse global community united by a commitment to using evidence from rigorous impact evaluations and systematic reviews to improve their policies and programs.

The program is free for government agencies from low- and middle-income countries. This is made possible through contributions from our high-income country members as well as donor organizations in low- and middle-income countries. Contact us at for more information on your organization’s eligibility and associated fees, if applicable.

Members by region

Asian Development Bank

Member Since: 2017
Country: Philippines

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Member Since: 2008
Country: United States

CAF-Development Bank for Latin America

Member Since: 2016
Country: Venezuela

Global Affairs Canada

Member Since: 2017
Country: Canada

Mastercard Foundation

Member Since: 2014
Country: Canada

Ministry of Public Health, Cameroon

Member Since: 2015
Country: Cameroon

National Planning Department, Colombia

Member Since: 2012
Country: Colombia

National Social Protection Agency, Maldives

Member Since: 2015
Country: Maldives

Office of the Prime Minister, Uganda

Member Since: 2012
Country: Uganda

William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Member Since: 2008
Country: United States

Membership benefits

Participate in 3ie’s community of practice for evidence-informed decision-making. We organize opportunities where participants share their experiences producing and using evidence to inform decision-making, discuss their membership priorities and contribute to the 3ie agenda. We also organize peer-learning events with member governments and other development agencies. .

Promote your work through 3ie’s network. 3ie will advertise events, jobs and your calls for funding through our website and monthly newsletter. We support our community of practice through evaluation advocacy efforts and provide members with opportunities to leverage our network to promote impact evaluations, systematic reviews, evidence mapping, and building national M&E systems.

Get preferred access to 3ie’s services. Members have preferred access to 3ie’s fee-based services. This allows members to tailor their collaboration with us to their own strategic priorities. We offer a variety of evaluation, synthesis and mapping services, capacity strengthening workshops, among others. Visit our services page for examples and further details.

Contribute to the development of global public goods. In addition to supporting our work with L&MIC governments, paying members of 3ie provide invaluable support to 3ie’s work on global public goods, like our Development Evidence Portal. The projects supported by this fund cover a range of objectives that bolster 3ie’s commitment to generating global public goods and strengthening the global evidence architecture.

For more information, please email