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Spotlight | 3ie's new campaign: 2020 Hindsight

We are excited to announce the launch of a new yearlong campaign, 2020 Hindsight: What Works in Development. In this inaugural blog, 3ie’s Marie Gaarder explains the inspiration and motivation behind the campaign, which will include insights from programmes and policies that work, mainly based on evidence from systematic reviews. You can follow the campaign on social media using #2020hindsight. Read the full blog.

Evidence impact

3ie-supported evaluation informs USAID education projects in South Africa 
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is using the findings of a 3ie-funded evaluation to support follow-up evaluations to improve reading skills in South Africa. 3ie funded the evaluation of an early grade reading study (EGRS), which compared the effectiveness of three approaches to improve Setswana-language reading outcomes of grade one and two students in two districts of North West Province. 

After consultations with the evaluators, USAID funded EGRS II, to evaluate alternative ways to impart teacher coaching for effective teaching of English as First Additional Language in Mpumalanga Province. USAID also reconfigured its Reading Support Project to extend EGRS implementation and evaluation to grade three. 

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Evidence-informed policymaking for rural transformation: an exploration of the role of women’s collectives and community participation

The World Bank, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation and DFID in partnership with the Ministry of Rural Development are organising a conference to learn from research evidence about the role of women’s collectives and community institutions in fostering social change and bringing about rural transformation. The conference is being held from 9-10 January, in New Delhi, for more details, visit our website. Follow the conversation on social media using #ruraltransformation or follow @3ieNews on Twitter for updates. 

3ie Delhi Seminar: Learning about learning from learning about learning

3ie Delhi Seminar: Learning about learning from learning about learningIn our December seminar, Lant Pritchett (RISE Research director, the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford) spoke about the lessons learned from evaluations in education over the last 25 years. He emphasised the need to focus on the characteristics of implementing organisations as a key driver of impact and success in deciding on the best method to use.
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Upcoming events

3ie-LIDC seminar | Public good provision and deliberative democracy: evidence from Malawi, London, UK, 29 January
3ie@global conference | EvalFest 2020, New Delhi, 12-14 February

Past events

3ie-LIDC-CEDIL-CfE seminar | How the global innovation fund uses impact forecasts to guide investment decisions, London, UK, 4 December
3ie-LIDC seminar | Plastics in the food system: A scoping review of the impacts on human health, environment, individual/household economics and food security, London, UK, 27 November


Evidence gap map reports
The effect of transparency and accountability interventions in the extractive sectors: an evidence gap map

Evidence use briefs
How evidence is informing solutions to South Africa’s early grade reading crisis and Using evidence to improve children’s foundational skills: a successful teaching and learning approach expands in India and beyond

Impact evaluation reports
How education about maternal health risk can change the gender gap in the demand for family planning in Zambia

Systematic review briefs
Impacts of financial inclusion in low- and middle-income countries

Working paper: Social protection: a synthesis of evidence and lessons from 3ie- supported impact evaluations

Working paper brief
How effective are transparency and accountability initiatives? An overview of new evidence

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