National Social Protection Agency, Maldives

The National Social Protection Agency (NSPA) of Maldives was established in 2011 with the enactment of the National Social Health Insurance Act in December 2011, thereby providing a legal framework for ensuring universal health insurance coverage for all citizens. The mandate for National Social Protection Agency is to oversee the administration of the health insurance scheme. The agency is also mandated under the Social Protection Act 2/2014 for the design and implementation of social protection programmes for the vulnerable sections of the society. Recently, there have been numerous initiatives within NSPA to improve the targeting mechanisms of its programmes as well as the overall structure of existing and future social protection programmes. In the next few years, NSPA is very keen to improve the current system by utilising impact evaluations to enhance the evidence-based decision-making process and to ensure the effectiveness of its programmes.

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Overview of engagement

The main objective of NSPA’s collaboration with 3ie is to bring in robust evidence on the effectiveness of social protection programmes being implemented so that it can inform the policy process. The NSPA implements a range of programmes from which it has identified four programmes for rigorous impact evaluation to inform and strengthen their development. These include:

  • Single Parent Allowance Programme
  • Disability Allowance Programme
  • Food Subsidy Programme
  • Destitute Assistance Programme

The main modality through which NSPA is engaging with 3ie is through a policy window grant that will fund an impact evaluation of one of the four programmes identified by NSPA.

Examples of 3ie engagement

Policy window: 3ie is in the process of funding impact evaluation of one of the four social protections programmes identified by NSPA

As 3ie is one of the most experienced and technically proficient organisations in the region for facilitating policy-relevant rigorous impact evaluation, NSPA would benefit immensely from this collaboration. We are genuinely impressed with the quality of service we have received thus far from 3ie. They are very pleasant and professional, and they respond to our queries almost immediately. They have been proactive in providing the agency with help on understanding and exposure to impact evaluations, and the time, effort and personalised touch that 3ie put into the project is commendable.

Shifaza Wajeeh
Director Policy and Planning, Government of Maldives