Office of the Prime Minister, Uganda

Over the past decade, the Government of Uganda has made vast improvements in public sector performance measurement and financial management and has strengthened its oversight of public funds. In line with these efforts and to better understand whether public policies and programmes are achieving their stated objectives, the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) has been tasked with implementing the national monitoring and evaluation policy and managing the Government Evaluation Facility. It was set up to design, commission, conduct and disseminate evaluations on public policies and major public investments, as directed by the Uganda government, and to oversee improvements in the quality and utility of evaluations conducted across the government at a decentralised level. OPM works closely with evaluation networks, national and international partners and evaluation expert institutions to promote the use of evidence in policy and programme formulation and in decision-making.

Member Since: 2012 Country: Uganda Website

Overview of engagement

OPM has been one of 3ie’s most active members since 2012, when it took on the responsibility for Uganda’s membership agreement. OPM has been a strong proponent of capacity building for its civil servants and other southern policymakers and researchers. It has helped 3ie and other international organisations to better understand how to work with southern agencies to achieve common goals around evidence production and uptake. Currently, 3ie and OPM are partnering on a country policy window that aims to build better and more evidence around the issues of national importance. Working closely with the relevant ministry and/or implementing agency, 3ie selected research teams to carry out a process or formative evaluation of a programme and propose a rigorous and policy-relevant impact evaluation design.

Examples of 3ie engagement

  • Community of practice: With support from 3ie and DFID, OPM in coordination with two other 3ie members, CONEVAL and SINERGIA, organised a study tour for Ugandan government officials to learn how government agencies in Mexico and Colombia work with rigorous evidence.
  • 3ie governance: OPM representatives actively participate and present at 3ie’s annual members conferences and also regularly attend 3ie board meetings as non-voting representatives.
  • Bursary programme: 3ie and the Government of Uganda facilitated logistics for the impact evaluation technical training course provided by the Center for Learning and Results (CLEAR) in Uganda in 2013. The course was attended by the staff from various Ugandan government agencies as well as policymakers and researchers from other countries in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Bursary programme: As a member benefit, 3ie has provided bursaries for OPM representatives to attend several courses and conferences related to impact evaluation and rigorous evidence including for the seventh international AfrEA meeting in 2014 and the Campbell Collaboration Colloquium in 2013.
  • Policy window: 3ie and OPM have partnered on two policy window activities in Uganda including the Baraza programme and an NGO-implemented land policy programme to promote stronger land tenure system.
  • Country policy window: The Uganda Policy Window was established in July 2015. The objective of the Uganda Country Policy Window is to improve welfare outcomes through evidence-informed decision-making.

The National M&E System has hugely benefitted from the technical support and capacity development provided by 3ie through a wide range of activities, including tailor-made targeted training programmes and sponsoring staff to attend structured courses offered by internationally renowned training institutions on development evaluation. We also cherish 3ie’s contribution in reviewing evaluation products and processes, quality control and supporting the development of systems. In addition, 3ie supports advocacy and provides enormous access to information through the materials it sends and makes available. Being a 3ie member has guaranteed OPM’s access to resources, both human and financial, for important rigorous policy evaluations that provide evidence for decision-making and policy development

Timothy Lubanga
Assistant Commissioner of Monitoring and Evaluation, Office of the Prime Minister, Government of Uganda.