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Evaluation is woven into the fabric of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, which works to help people build measurably better lives around the world. Hewlett uses evaluation to learn whether its programmes and grantees are achieving their goals and uses evaluation to help teams learn what is working and adjust course. Beyond its own programmes, Hewlett has been a major contributor to the field of impact evaluation in global development. A recent blog by Kristen Stelljes and Ruth Levine of Hewlett’s Global Development and Population Program describes these contributions, remaining challenges for the field and the outcomes Hewlett hopes to achieve through its future impact evaluation funding.

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Overview of 3ie engagement

With the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Hewlett supported the Evaluation Gap Working Group hosted by the Center for Global Development. This group produced the report When Will We Ever Learn: Improving Lives through Impact Evaluation that made the case for the creation of an independent organisation to build the supply and quality of development impact evaluations. Based on this recommendation, Hewlett helped to found 3ie. To date, Hewlett remains an active member and one of 3ie’s core funders.

Examples of engagement

  • Professional services: Hewlett committed funding for scoping research aimed at understanding the supply of and demand for rigorous evidence in the area of adolescent and reproductive health.
  • 3ie governance: Hewlett is actively involved in 3ie’s governance. Ruth Levine, Director of Hewlett’s Global Development and Population Program sits on 3ie’s Board of Commissioners as the institutional representative for foundations and NGOs. Kristen Stelljes, Program Officer in Hewlett’s Global Development and Population Program, sits on the organising committee for the 2016 3ie Members Conference.
  • Programme sponsorship: With the UK Department for International Development (DFID) Hewlett provided funding and leadership for the first phase of 3ie’s Transparency and Accountability Thematic Window (TW8).
  • Programme sponsorship: Hewlett provided funding for and helped to organise a one-day 3ie conference on the Future of Impact Evaluation. The conference included presentations from researchers who offered diverse perspectives on this topic, followed by reactions from development stakeholders based in NGOs, donor agencies and L&MIC governments. Highlights can be viewed here.
  • Member services: 3ie staff members have given various presentations and workshops for Hewlett staff over the years, including a Shop Talk on commissioning impact evaluations and a presentation on research registration.