Supporting financially sustainable & scalable women’s collective enterprises

This two-day webinar is the first in a Learning Workshop Series, which will take place twice a year to discuss and accompany the Adaptive Evaluation for Project MOVE with SEWA’s Enterprises, which is being implemented over the next 4 years. Project MOVE is funded by a BMGF grant to strengthen and expand women’s mobilization and economic empowerment in SEWA. Each webinar will focus on a dedicated theme, involve multiple stakeholders and will discuss global and national experiences and lessons for the evaluation. By synthesising evidence and learnings from research, policy and practice, these sessions will enrich our understanding and help disseminate results at the end of the project. The webinar is hosted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundations and IMAGO Global Grassroots.

Time: 6:00pm – 7:30pm IST

Start Date: 16 December 2020 End Date: 17 December 2020

The first of this Learning Workshop Series, What does it take to set-up viable and sustainable collective enterprises, on 16 December will be a 90-minute discussion on frameworks and lessons on collective organizations, women’s agency and the role of Enterprise Support Systems.

The second webinar is on 17 December, Evaluating what works and what doesn’t in women’s collective enterprises, will focus on the various considerations and challenges in designing adaptive evaluations of Enterprise Support Systems that for Social Enterprises. 3ie’s Senior Evaluation Specialist Bidisha Barooah will be participating in this webinar.