The 14th European Evaluation Society, Biennial Conference

The 14th European Evaluation Society Biennial Conference will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark from 6-10 June 2022. The EES Conference 2022 aims to provide an opportunity for evaluators, commissioners and users to come together to design the contours of necessary paradigmatic shifts and identify concrete actions. In an effort to facilitate discussion, four different themes have been identified. 3ie is participating in three sessions at the conference. For more on the conference, please click here.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Start Date: 06 June 2022 End Date: 10 June 2022

Evaluating in and on Conflict: Methodological Innovations for Rigorous Impact Evaluation of Peacebuilding Programming

9 June 2022, 8:30am - 10:00am CET, Room 1 (Pjerrot 140)

The evidence on which programs are effective in reducing or preventing violence and building peace is growing. However, this evidence base is not keeping pace with the growing knowledge demands of actors working in fragile, conflict-affected contexts. They are increasingly asking not only if, but under what conditions, a given program or policy is likely to achieve peace and stability. The panel will discuss the requirement for rigorous, generalizable approaches to evaluating program impacts and aggregated evidence across efforts and sectors, which until recently has been limited.

Jon Kurtz, Senior Director for Research and Learning, Mercy Corps
Rebecca Wolfe, Senior Lecturer and Executive Director of International Policy & Development, Harris School of Public Policy and Pearson Institute for the Study and Resolution of Global Conflicts
Paul Thissen, Evaluation Specialist, 3ie
Neil Ferguson, Director, Research Program on Peacebuilding, International Security and Development Center

Using Process Evaluation to Strengthen Impact Evaluation

9 June 2022, 11:10am - 12:40pm CET, Room 8 (Arkad3, 24)   

Despite the awareness of the importance of understanding the implementation process, many impact evaluations must rely on only limited information on the implementation process, and much of this information may come from project documents that often have a narrow focus. This session reports on recent experiences in strengthening the analysis of the processes of project implementation and focusses on the importance of process data to strengthen understanding of how outcomes are affected by implementation. The presentations draw on the recently completed Process Evaluation Guidelines published by 3ie, and on the experience of 3ie research projects in applying the guidelines.

Michael Bamberger, Senior Research Fellow, 3ie
Vibecke Dixon, Senior Research Fellow, 3ie
Bidisha Barooah, Lead Specialist and Leader, Gender and Livelihoods, 3ie
Anca Dumitrescu, Senior Evaluation Specialist, 3ie


Institutions and the Evidence Culture for Impact

10 June 2022, 2:00pm - 3:30pm CET, Room 8 (Arkad3, 24)

The evaluation community faces a number of challenges and opportunities related to the evidence culture in institutions. This panel proposes to examine these challenges from different angles and discuss how to address them. The panel will provide an overview of how institutional incentives influence the design of evidence systems and the use of evidence in institutions. Discussions will also touch upon the gap between research and policy in impact evaluation in terms of mindset, with a focus on accountability and learning objectives. An institution's perspective on impact evaluation will be presented, including the goal of accountability, the data collection process, and the need for actionable recommendations at the portfolio level. One of the leading national development agencies will also explain the results and challenges of its impact evaluation strategy over the past three years and how it has changed the government culture around this tool.

Nastassia Leszczynska, Impact Evaluation Expert, ADE
Tatiana Goetghebuer, Head of Impact Department, ADE
Jörg Faust, Director, DEVAL Institute
Marie Gaarder, Executive Director, 3ie
Ombeline De Bock, Evaluator, European Investment Bank