BITSS Open Research Seminar (Spring 2023)

The Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (BITSS) is organizing the Spring 2023 Open Research Seminar (ORS), a webinar series to promote and share knowledge about the use of tools and practices for transparency and reproducibility in social science research. The ORS will be an opportunity for researchers to showcase applications of specific tools and practices or evaluations of the effectiveness of existing tools and practices.

Start Date: 06 April 2023 End Date: 06 April 2023

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3ie @ BITSS Open Research Seminar

Topics in Research Ethics and Best Practices

Time: 9AM PT
Speakers:  Indira Patil, Research Associate, 3ie & Alfredo Burlando, Associate Professor of Economics, University of Oregon

Quality data collection is a key aspect of every research. The data is often collected by surveyors who are exposed to multiple risks and difficult situations, particularly in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Evidence generation needs to be ethical and essentially comprise the best practices to ensure the health and safety of the surveyors. While the ethics discourse and the literature mostly focus on the rights of the human subject research participants, it is also important to emphasize and focus on the processes around ensuring the well-being of the field research staff engaged in data collection. In this session, the speaker will present the descriptive study that systematically document some of the key health and safety challenges of the surveyors during primary data collection in India. Based on these findings, the speaker will also propose some best practices around institutional and context-specific measures that can be adopted to mitigate the challenges.