DMEO Conversation Series: Implementation Research Gap Map on nutrition interventions in India


Stuti Tripathi, Evaluation Specialist, 3ie;
Pooja Sengupta, Senior Research Associate, 3ie

Time: 4.30 pm – 5.30 pm IST

Start Date: 29 October 2020 End Date: 29 October 2020


The webinar provided an overview of the findings from the implementation research on nutrition-specific interventions in India conducted by 3ie during 2000–2018 in partnership with IFPRI. As a part of the study, the systematic search for relevant literature was carried out across a range of databases and was supplemented by hand searching websites of organisations that have an impressive body of work on nutrition in India and globally. Speakers will present a gap map which is one of the outcomes of the research and is a visual, an interactive tool for governments and key development partners in the field of nutrition to understand where evidence exists and gaps persist. The map displays existing evidence on nutrition-specific interventions targeted at women and children in the 1000-day window (from a woman’s pregnancy to a child’s second birthday) across a range of implementation outcomes.