Launch of 3ie’s Development Evidence Portal: What is the state of evidence?

Speakers: Birte Snilstveit, Senior Manager, Synthesis and Reviews & Head of 3ie London Office and Mark Engelbert, Evaluation Specialist, 3ie's Systematic Reviews Office
Chair: Marie Gaarder, Executive Director, 3ie
Venue: LIDC Meeting Room, London International Development Centre (LIDC), 20 Bloomsbury Square, London, WC1A 2NS, United Kingdom
Time: 12:30 -14:30 GMT

Start Date: 24 February 2020 End Date: 24 February 2020
Launch of 3ie’s Development Evidence Portal: What is the state of evidence?

Imagine if we had a continuously updated and well-curated portal with high-quality evidence on the effectiveness of development interventions? How would that change how researchers, decision makers and practitioners spend their time and how they access existing evidence?

In this seminar, we launched the 3ie Development Evidence Portal, a first and important step towards an evidence infrastructure that supports more and better use of evidence to inform decisions about policies and programmes that are designed to improve lives. The new evidence portal provides an upgraded version of 3ie’s existing impact evaluation and systematic review repositories, with improved search and filtering capabilities, and new features such as user accounts and citation downloads.

The seminar included an overview and demonstration of the portal’s key features and functionalities, with an opportunity for the audience to provide inputs and feedback. It also presented a summary of the ‘state of the evidence’ based on an analysis of the data from the evidence portal.