#Balanceforbetter: a pitch for gender and equity-focused evaluations

On the occasion of the International Women's day, we are underscoring the importance of evidence on development interventions for promoting gender equity and women's empowerment. We remain committed to making gender and equity-focused evaluations front and centre.

We have compiled 3ie’s latest work that helps build the evidence base on effective interventions.

Delhi seminar: what is women’s empowerment and how do we measure it?

While we are seeing growing investments in evaluations of interventions designed to empower women and girls economically, there is limited evidence and consensus on what works and what does not. At this special women’s day seminar, we brought together a panel of experts to discuss the challenges to measuring women’s empowerment. Read more


Mapping the evidence on WASH promotion in communities, schools and health facilities

3ie’s WASH evidence gap provides an assessment of the evidence base for behaviour change, health and socio-economic outcomes resulting from WASH promotional approaches in households, schools, health facilities and communities. Here are some of the key findings related to women and girls.

  • Only a minority of studies identified (19% impact evaluations, 20% systematic reviews) reported any sex-disaggregated or sex-specific outcomes.
  • Some of the most commonly sex-disaggregated outcomes in impact evaluations are in are psychosocial health, education and cognitive development, open defecation, and time use.
  • Gender analysis is rarely used as part of the framework for understanding gendered programming effects.  

Learn more about 3ie’s evidence gap map: Brief | Map | Blog | Video

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