International coalition champions global health equity

International coalition champions global health equity
13 July 2023

International coalition champions global health equity

Global leaders in evidence-based healthcare highlight the urgent need to advance global health equity

JBI, Cochrane, Campbell Collaboration, GIN, the Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare, the Centre for Evidence-based Health Care and NICE have partnered to launch the 2023 campaign for World Evidence-Based Healthcare Day, ‘Evidence and Global Health Equity’.

In 2023 the World EBHC Day organizing partners have invited Health Information for All (HIFA), E-Base Africa, International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie), The George Institute and University of Global Health Equity as campaign partners. 3ie is excited to contribute to developing and strengthening the campaign, ‘Evidence and Global Health Equity’, with our unique expertise, knowledge and resources.

The 2023 campaign aims to examine how the global evidence community can foster and embed equity within and across evidence ecosystems to advance global health equity and inspire a collective drive among individuals and organizations to challenge the status quo and embrace a new paradigm of evidence generation and utilization that propels progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

“In 2023 we reached the mid-way point for the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and a global commitment to ‘leave no one behind’. However, the global crises of humanitarian disasters, climate change and health pandemics are all impeding progress and exacerbating global health inequities, highlighting the urgency to strengthen local and global evidence ecosystems to address societal challenges”, said Bianca Pilla, World Evidence-Based Healthcare Day Chair.

Equitable health policies, systems and services are all dependent on functioning evidence ecosystems, including the generation and application of evidence, whether this is by the public, health workers, researchers or policymakers.

The 2023 campaign is a call to action to take concrete steps towards equity-centred evidence-informed decision making, drawing attention to the need to enhance collaboration, information sharing and networking to increase access to research evidence, and to move towards integrated systems that prioritize equity, inclusivity and multisectoral participation of all actors.  

The global evidence community is invited to submit blogs or vlogs for publication on the World Evidence-Based Healthcare Day website or organize events to share experiences and collective wisdom on fostering equity-centred evidence-informed decision-making and strengthening evidence ecosystems.

About World EBHC Day

World Evidence-Based Healthcare (EBHC) Day is held on 20 October each year. It is a global initiative led by JBI that raises awareness of the need for better evidence to inform healthcare policy, practice and decision making in order to improve health outcomes globally. It is an opportunity to participate in debate about global trends and challenges, but also to celebrate the impact of individuals and organisations worldwide, recognising the work of dedicated researchers, policymakers and health professionals in improving health outcomes.  For more information, please visit

About 3ie

We are an international non-profit organization developing evidence on how to effectively transform the lives of the poor in low- and middle-income countries. Established in 2008, we offer comprehensive support and a diversity of approaches to achieve development goals by producing, synthesizing and promoting the uptake of impact evaluation evidence. We work closely with governments, foundations, NGOs, development institutions and research organizations to address their decision-making needs. With offices in Washington DC, New Delhi and London and a global network of leading researchers, we offer deep expertise across our extensive menu of evaluation services.

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