Avantika Bagai

Designation: Former Senior Research Associate, 3ie
Avantika was a Senior Research associate the Evaluation Office and provided support to 3ie's research around the National Rural Livelihood Mission Programme, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India.

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All eyes on immunization: what do we know about effective vaccination campaigns?

With COVID still raging across the world, the topic of immunization is receiving more attention than it has in decades. Today, the world is waiting to see if immunizations will help turn the corner and end the biggest health and humanitarian crisis in a generation. Given this, policymakers and implementers need to know what works to increase immunization rates, for whom, and at what cost.

Improving child immunisation through technologies for engaging communities: challenges and lessons

A mother with a six-month old girl receives a voice reminder in her local dialect to take her daughter for her next vaccination. She comes to the local health facility where the health worker takes off a small pendant attached with a black thread from the child’s neck, which has an embedded digital microchip. She places it on the tablet, and all the immunisation information related to the child appears on the screen. The health worker finds that second dose of pentavalent vaccine is due. She administers it to the child.