Tamara Lotfi

Designation: Coordinator, Global Evidence Synthesis Initiative
Tamara is the coordinator of the Global Evidence Synthesis Initiative (GESI) Secretariat hosted by the American University of Beirut and a Research Associate at McMaster University. She is a Medical Doctor and Public Health professional. Tamara has been involved in evidence synthesis projects in the clinical, public health and the humanitarian sectors; in Clinical Practice Guideline development and in capacity building and strengthening. Her research interests are in including L&MICs in the global discussions and development of methods for evidence synthesis and guidelines, addressing challenges in health systems, and engaging of civil societies and non-governmental organizations in decision-making.

Blogs by author

Addressing the need for timely and reliable evidence in the time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic brings the importance of high-quality, timely and relevant evidence to the fore. Governments all over the world justify radical policies to control and manage the pandemic with reference to evidence.