Andrea Cook

Designation: Director of Evaluation, World Food Program
Andrea Cook is the UNEG Vice Chair for Evaluation Function and has been WFP's Director of Evaluation since February 2017. She manages the Office of Evaluation at WFP's headquarters in Rome and, provides leadership to the evaluation function across WFP.

Before joining WFP, Andrea was Director of Evaluation at UNFPA and has worked for over twenty years in international development, primarily with the Department for International Development (UK) in the United Kingdom, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe in a variety of roles spanning policy, programme, management and evaluation. Country postings include Kenya, Cambodia, Malawi and India.

Andrea has particularly experience in social and human development: social policy, gender equality, human rights, governance, water and sanitation, sexual and reproductive health, HIV and AIDS, and health reform. She also has experience and expertise in climate change, rural and urban development and private sector development.

Andrea plays an active role in UNEG: leading WFP's contribution to all UNEG strategic objectives. Since 2014 she has been co-convenor of the Working Group on Professionalisation. In 2015 she launched the Decentralised Evaluation Interest Group.

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