Ashiqun Nabi

Ashiqun Nabi
Designation: Consultant research associate, 3ie
Ashiqun Nabi is a consultant research associate at 3ie. Ashiqun is a PhD student at UCL researching politics of demand for evidence in public health policy making. He has over seven years' experience of policy research with several prominent think-tanks. He has an MSc in Public Policy from UCL.

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Mapping evidence gaps in interventions improving food security in humanitarian settings

Natural and human-induced catastrophic events are pushing humanity to the brink. The compounding and cascading effects of armed conflicts, irreversible climate change, and the global outbreak of COVID-19 are devastating economies and driving more households into poverty. Today, nearly 193 million people are living in a food crisis (2022 Global Report on Food Crises) while 49 million are experiencing alarming levels of hunger (Hunger Hotspots report June 2022).