Ju-Ho Lee

Designation: Professor, KDI School of Public Policy and Management, South Korea
Ju-Ho Lee is a professor at KDI School of Public Policy and Management in South Korea.

His research interests draw on his nine-year experience as a high-level public servant in the Korean government and National Assembly, including researching human capital and innovation policies, such as changes in the education workforce; innovation in education; innovation ecosystems; and government reforms. He currently serves as a commissioner of the International Commission on Financing the Global Educational Opportunities and as chair of the Education Workforce Initiative.

Professor Lee served as Minister of Education, Science and Technology in South Korea (2010-2013). He also worked as Senior Secretary to the President for Education, Science and Culture. As a member of the National Assembly (2004-2008), he was noted for his education reform endeavors and active lawmaking.

His publications include Human Capital and Development: Lessons and Insights from Korea’s Transformation (2018) and Positive Changes: the Education, Science & Technology Policies of Korea (2012).

Professor Lee holds BA and MA degrees from Seoul National University and a PhD in Economics from Cornell University.

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Innovating to learn

We are in the midst of a global learning crisis. This is the clear message from recent major reports: According to the World Bank’s 2018 World Development Report on learning, “hundreds of millions of children reach young adulthood without even the most basic life skills.” And the Education Commission’s 2016 Learning Generation report estimates that “over three-quarters of a billion young people in low- and middle-income countries will not be on track to acquire basic secondary-level skills.”