Marcellina Schmidt

Marcellina Schmidt
Designation: Evaluator, DEval
Marcellina had worked in various projects of the Kolping Education Centre Ruhr, as intern at the GLS Future Foundation for Development, as well as weltwaerts-volunteer in Peru, where she was involved in a project for the prevention of child abandonment and domestic violence. She joined DEval as an evaluator in June 2022

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Evidence base of sexual and reproductive health and rights interventions growing, but gaps remain

Ahead of World Contraception Day (26 September) and International Safe Abortion Day (28 September), UN experts called for states, especially those in emergency, humanitarian and crisis situations, to promote, protect and respect sexual and reproductive health and all related rights. To do this, the experts underscored the need to establish inclusive policies, evidence-informed services, and leadership rooted in international human rights conventions. In our latest evidence gap map (EGM) on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR)