Lina Khan

Lina Khan
Designation: Research assistant consultant, 3ie
Lina is a research assistant consultant with 3ie, and the project coordinator for the rule of law EGM.

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Evidence base of sexual and reproductive health and rights interventions growing, but gaps remain

Ahead of World Contraception Day (26 September) and International Safe Abortion Day (28 September), UN experts called for states, especially those in emergency, humanitarian and crisis situations, to promote, protect and respect sexual and reproductive health and all related rights. To do this, the experts underscored the need to establish inclusive policies, evidence-informed services, and leadership rooted in international human rights conventions. In our latest evidence gap map (EGM) on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR)

Mapping the evidence on sexual and reproductive health and rights in L&MICs

Sexual and reproductive rights are human rights, and the right to make sexual and reproductive decisions affects sexual and reproductive health. To understand the extent of the evidence on sexual and reproductive health and rights, and inform decision-making, 3ie is developing an evidence gap map (EGM).

Mapping evidence gaps on good governance and political competition

Political decisions for the common good and political accountability are important drivers of development and stability. These are enabled by good governance and political competition. Although an increasing body of evidence highlights the importance of institutions and good governance for development, the number of free countries, according to the Freedom House Barometer, has reached its lowest level in 15 years,

Mapping the evidence on the effects of rule of law interventions on justice outcomes

The systematic use of evidence can help inform decisions on what research to conduct, what interventions to implement and how to improve the effectiveness of programs.