Will Ridlehoover

Will Ridlehoover
Designation: Team Leader & Specialist, Business Development & Strategy
Will oversees business development and strategy at 3ie, leading a team to develop new programs and partnerships that contribute to the organization's mission, growth and financial sustainability. Having managed complex international development programming and small business for over 10 years, Will provides support to 3ie leaders and associates to expand the organization's footprint across a broad portfolio of funders and partners.

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What works to empower women in fragile settings?

Across the globe, women face tremendous challenges when it comes to equitable access to resources, exercising meaningful agency and decision-making power and aspiring to and accomplishing achievements. In fragile and conflict-affected settings, those challenges are often exacerbated, as women are particularly vulnerable and often left out of decision-making.

A systematic approach to building the evidence base for gender equality and women’s empowerment in fragile contexts

In 2020, 23 per cent of the world’s population lived in fragile contexts, including 76.5 per cent of all those living in extreme poverty. While women comprise about half of the population in fragile and conflict-affected contexts (FCAS), there are often major gaps in how interventions in these settings consider their inclusion and empowerment.