Maria Ruth Jones

Maria Ruth Jones
Designation: Survey Specialist, DIME, World Bank
Maria Jones is a Survey Specialist in the Impact Evaluation (DIME) unit at the World Bank. At DIME, she coordinates DIME Analytics, an initiative to increase and standardize data quality across the DIME portfolio, and works on agricultural impact evaluations. She created and runs DIME’s annual Manage Successful Impact Evaluations course and the DIME Wiki. Her current work at DIME includes focusing on integrating non-survey data sources to inform about COVID-19 policy response.

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Despite the hype, do not expect big data to replace traditional surveys anytime soon

The COVID-19 pandemic has created new hype around the potential for new, ‘big’, data sources to revolutionize data collection, and change the landscape of evidence for policy. Non-traditional data sources - like satellite imagery, call detail records, and social media posts—do offer exciting opportunities to track and understand processes on Earth across space and time like never possible before.