Ran Goldblatt

Ran Goldblatt
Designation: Remote Sensing Scientist and senior consultant, New Light Technologies (NLT)
Dr. Ran Goldblatt is a Chief Scientist and Senior Consultant at New Light Technologies (NLT) in Washington DC. His background is in remote sensing and geospatial analysis, at scale, and the development of methodologies and tools for monitoring natural hazards, land cover and land use changes, and economic development. He is currently leading multiple projects conducted with the World Bank, including monitoring economic activity with nighttime lights, tracking urbanization processes in developing cities, remotely-sensed Impact Evaluations, and using advanced geospatial methods for disaster response and management. His current work also looks at the impacts of COVID-19 on local economies making the data accessible and understandable.

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Despite the hype, do not expect big data to replace traditional surveys anytime soon

The COVID-19 pandemic has created new hype around the potential for new, ‘big’, data sources to revolutionize data collection, and change the landscape of evidence for policy. Non-traditional data sources - like satellite imagery, call detail records, and social media posts—do offer exciting opportunities to track and understand processes on Earth across space and time like never possible before.