3ie events

3ie hosts seminars, workshops and conferences in multiple locations across the world. These events focus on sharing the latest evidence, innovations in evaluations, systematic reviews, gap maps, replications and evidence use. They are a platform for vibrant discussions and debates between researchers, policymakers and programme managers on priority topics.

Upcoming events

December 2023

Impact Evaluation: There is a Different Way to Do It

Webinar 13 December 2023 Online Join the Humanitarian Assistance Evidence Cycle (HAEC) for a one-hour interactive webinar to launch a three-part Impact Insights webinar series. During the foundational webinar, the HAEC team will present on what impact evaluations can answer, relative to other evaluation types, and the importance of causal evidence in the humanitarian sector.

March 2024

Call for papers: Economics Writing Workshop on Micro-development in Africa

Workshop 15 March 2024 Africa

Nobel in Africa invites emerging scholars to participate in their symposium, “Micro-development research in the last 20 years: what have we learned?” and a writing workshop on 15 March 2024. Twelve scholars will be selected to attend the symposium and workshop, where they will have the chance to present their papers, receive feedback from their peers and select participants from the event. Travel and accommodation will be provided for the duration of the workshop. Applications are open to all scholars (including PhD students and postdocs) working in the field of micro-development.

Previous events

What do we know about interventions to build peaceful societies? What don't we know?

Webinar 30 April 2020 The webinar presented findings from the new evidence gap map (EGM) of interventions to build peaceful societies, a partnership between 3ie and the German Institute for Development Evaluation (DEval) made possible with generous support from BMZ.

April 2020

Don’t let the magician distract you with tricks: designing evaluations to inform action in new settings

Webinar 01 April 2020 In this webinar, Calum Davey (LSHTM) shared the results of a wide-ranging interdisciplinary review on how to learn more from evaluations.

March 2020
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Learning days: design development workshop for principal investigators in Sub-Saharan Africa

Workshop 30 March - 03 April 2020 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Evidence in Governance and Politics (EGAP) organised a learning days workshop in Addis Ababa from 30 March – 3 April 2020.

March 2020
London, UK

Measuring the 'hard to measure' in development: Abstract, multi-dimensional concepts and processes

CEDIL 04 March 2020 London, UK In this CEDIL lecture, Anne Buffardi (ODI) discussed construct validity and three examples of multi-faceted concepts: evidence-informed decision-making, youth transitions to adulthood and human rights-based approaches to development.

Learning from innovations in increasing immunisation

Conference 27 February 2020 New Delhi, India 3ie organised a one-day public conference on learning from innovations in increasing immunisation in New Delhi on 27 February. Research teams shared insights from the recently completed studies of innovative immunisation interventions in Ethiopia, India, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan and Uganda.

A focused ethnographic study: investigating the barriers to antenatal care attendance to improve iron and folic acid supplementation in Kenya

Webinar 26 February 2020 3ie, the Society for Implementation Science in Nutrition, FHI360-Kenya, and the Kenya Medical Research Institute are organising a webinar to discuss novel applications of focused ethnographic qualitative methods for understanding and addressing barriers within anemia control delivery systems.

Launch of 3ie’s Development Evidence Portal: What is the state of evidence?

Seminar 24 February 2020 London, UK In this seminar we launched the 3ie Development Evidence Portal, a first and important step towards an evidence infrastructure that supports more and better use of evidence to inform decisions about policies and programmes that are designed to improve lives.

13 - 14
February 2020
Rome, Italy

3ie-IFAD workshop: Learning from IFAD Impact Assessments and 3ie’s Agricultural Innovation Evidence Programme

Capacity development 13 - 14 February 2020 Rome, Italy 3ie and IFAD partnered to organise a learning workshop on 13-14 February in Rome, Italy, to convene researchers, practitioners and policymakers engaged in promoting agricultural innovation, with a particular focus on Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

12 - 14
February 2020
New Delhi, India

EvalFest 2020

Conferences 12 - 14 February 2020 New Delhi, India 3ie staff participating in sessions at EvalFest 2020 from 12-14 February in New Delhi. The Evaluation Community of India is organising this conference.

January 2020
London, UK

Public good provision and deliberative democracy: evidence from Malawi

Seminar 29 January 2020 London, UK Annemie Maertens presented the results of a public goods game with farmer clubs in Malawi to determine the socio-political conditions that increase cooperation. This paper explores the conditions in which community-driven development programmes are most likely to succeed in assisting smallholder farmers.