3ie supports studies to fill critical knowledge gaps in a sector, sub-sector or in an area with limited rigorous evidence.

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We fund studies under a specific theme or which address a particular question or set of questions in programme areas where our donors want to expand global public knowledge of what works and what does not. These studies include process and formative evaluations, impact evaluations, systematic reviews and evidence gap maps. We also provide funding and technical support for evaluating interventions in some countries and regions identified by our members.

Working with governments

3ie, with support from Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, is managing the Philippines Evidence Programme.
Stephan Gladieu , World Bank
3ie, with the Uganda Office of the Prime Minister, implemented a multi-year programme to strengthen the production and use of evaluation evidence.
Guillaume Colin and Pauline Penot
The West Africa Capacity-building and Impact Evaluation (WACIE) program is a multi-year regional initiative.
Strengthening the use of evidence for development impact
Strengthening Evidence Use for Development Impact (SEDI) started as a multi-year program that worked on increasing the use of evidence by policymakers in Ghana, Pakistan and Uganda.