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The media room aggregates information on 3ie that can be a useful overview for anyone keen to know more about 3ie, our activities and work. It is a one-stop page to access our multimedia products and also to check out our social media activity, blogs and our Youtube channel. This page also links to the videos produced by 3ie, which cover a wide range of topics and events related to the evaluation sector, including 3ie seminar series, conferences and our How-To video series.

GIM International

Remotely sensed data for efficient data collection

Francis Rathinam, Ran Goldblatt, Douglas Glandon, Ghermay Araya | 17-Jul-20 |

In light of the increasing demand for geospatial analysis in impact evaluation, the rapid recent advancements in access to geospatial and remotely sensed data and the development of new methods to convert this data into information that is fundamental of IE, 3ie and New Light Technologies Inc.

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The Atlantic

The success of paying people to not cut down trees

Ed Yong | 23-Oct-18 |

This article discusses the main findings from a 3ie-funded study, Testing the effectiveness of payments for ecosystem services to enhance conservation in productive landscapes in Uganda, The authors find that paying landowners small sums did discourage tree-cutting and therefore worked to slow the pace of deforestation.

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Friday note: mind the gap map

| 09-Oct-18 |

Ruth Levine’s blog praises 3ie’s evidence gap maps and describes them as elegant and colourful visualisations of what we know and what we have yet to discover. She recommends them as a one-stop-evidence-shop for experts and curious non-experts alike.

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How should we summarise bodies of evidence? The emerging evidence architecture for knowledge brokering

Howard White | 12-Aug-18 |

In this blog, Howard White (CEO, Campbell Collaboration) talks about a range of evidence platforms that adopt systematic approaches to drawing on bodies of evidence, including 3ie's repositories and evidence gap map platform.

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The Mint

Making crop insurance work for Indian farmers

| 16-Jul-18 |

3ie’s Bidisha Barooah and Zeba Siddiqui wrote an opinion piece in The Mint, one of India's top national dailies. The article focuses on lessons learned from ongoing impact evaluations on agricultural insurance programmes in India, under the Agriculture Insurance Evidence Programme. This article was also cross-posted on India Development Review's website.

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