Our impact evaluation and systematic review report briefs summarise main information and findings for non-research evidence users.

Latest briefs


3ie offers plain-language summaries of 3ie-funded impact evaluations, systematic reviews, replications, 3ie programmes and lessons from 3ie grant making

Evidence gap map

Provide an overview of what the maps cover, their context, the methodologies used and a summarisation of the main findings. 

Evidence use

From the start of any 3ie-funded study, review or map, 3ie monitors for engagement and evidence uptake and use.

Impact evaluation

These briefs provide plain-language summaries of the intervention, impact evaluation, main findings and recommendations from 3ie-funded studies published in our report series.

Learning summary

These briefs summarise major lessons we have learned in implementing 3ie-funded impact evaluations. They can cover a range of issues, such as study design, methods, implementation, and stakeholder engagement and evidence uptake.

Other briefs

3ie is working with country teams across globe to conduct different type of evidence assessments on different topics.

Programme overview

These briefs provide overviews of 3ie’s current evidence programmes.

Replication studies

These briefs summarise the findings from internal replications of ​development ​impact evaluations​.

Systematic review

These briefs summarise the focus of a review; main findings; and implications for policy, programming and further research.

Working paper

These briefs summarise findings or provide highlights of 3ie working papers – a series that focusses on current debates in evidence generation and use.