Programme overview

These briefs provide overviews of 3ie’s current evidence programmes.

Latest programme overview

Programme overview

Enabling women’s economic empowerment through collective enterprises in rural India

Programme overview Brief 3ie PDF icon 2021  
This brief provides an overview of 3ie's Swashakt programme, which supports the implementation and evaluation of nine projects to set up and strengthen enterprises of women's empowerment collectives in nine Indian states.

Engaging stakeholders to identify and address implementation bottlenecks in iron-folic acid supplementation programmes in East Central Uganda

Programme overview Brief 3ie PDF icon 2021  
This brief is based on a bottleneck assessment exercise that uses an implementation science approach to understand and improve iron-folic acid supplementation programmes for pregnant women in East Central Uganda.

Enhancing consumption of iron and folic acid supplements during pregnancy

Programme overview Brief 3ie PDF icon 2021  
The Ministry of Health in Kenya instituted the Nutrition Action Plan to reduce maternal anaemia. This brief summarises the findings of a constrained implementation science approach to the iron and folic acid supplementation in Kenya.

Strengthening capacity for evidence-informed decision-making in the Philippines

Programme overview Brief 3ie PDF icon 2020  
Since 2014, 3ie has supported five impact evaluations of key government programmes identified by the Philippine National Economic Development Authority. The brief provides an overview of the first phase and the upcoming second phase of 3ie’s Philippines evidence programme.

West Africa Capacity-building and Impact Evaluation Program

Programme overview Brief 3ie PDF icon 2019  
This brief provides an overview of a multi-year regional initiative that aims to promote the institutionlisation of evaluation in government systems across eight countries in West Africa; including: Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal and Togo. 3ie is leading this program in partnership with the Government of Benin.

Assessing the impact of agricultural risk insurance programmes on smallholder farmers

Programme overview Brief 3ie PDF icon 2017  
This grant programme funds the generation of policy-relevant evidence on factors that affect successful uptake of agricultural insurance among smallholder farmers in low-and lower-middle income countries.

3ie replication programme

Programme overview Brief 3ie PDF icon 2016  
This brief gives an overview of 3ie's replication programme, which was established as a global public good in 2011. The programme was designed to help ensure the reliability and test the robustness of influential or innovative impact evaluation evidence used for development policymaking or programming.