Replication papers

The replication paper series (RPS) expands the benefits of 3ie’s replication programme by providing a publication and dissemination outlet for all replication studies of development impact evaluations. The RPS publishes online and hard-copy replication studies of impact evaluations in 3ie’s online Impact Evaluation Repository, including replication studies funded by 3ie through the replication windows or produced in-house as well as independently submitted replication studies.

Latest replication papers

Replication papers

Treatment as prevention: A replication study on a universal test and treat cluster-randomized trial in South Africa from 2012–2016

Replication paper 3ie 2022

Authors of this paper replicated a landmark study by Iwuji and colleagues (2018) who examined the use of treatment as prevention (TaSP) trials for HIV-positive individuals in rural South Africa.

Treatment as prevention: a replication study on early antiretroviral therapy initiation and HIV-1 transmission

Replication paper 3ie 2020
Eric Djimeu and Eleanor G Dickens conduct a replication of the HPTN 052 study by Cohen and colleagues that evaluates the impact of early initiation of antiretroviral therapy on rates of sexual transmission of HIV-1.

Biometric Smartcards and payment disbursement: a replication study of a state capacity-building experiment in India

Replication paper 3ie 2019
The National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme and Social Security Pension are two of the largest employment programmes in Andhra Pradesh. Muralidharan and colleagues (2016) investigated the impacts of biometrically-authenticated payment infrastructure (Smartcards) on beneficiaries of the two employment programmes.

Risk sharing and transaction costs: a replication study of evidence from Kenya’s mobile money revolution

Replication paper 3ie 2019
This replication study starts with the twin strategies of push-button and pure replications of the original study. It then followed this up with various consistency and robustness checks, such as propensity score matching and the Tobit model specification.

Cash and change: a replication study of a cash transfer experiment in Malawi

Replication paper 3ie 2019
Maira Reimão conducted a replication of a 2011 study, Cash or condition? Evidence from a cash transfer experiment, by Baird and colleagues, which is one of the few studies that empirically compares the impact of unconditional cash transfers to that of conditional cash transfers.

Impact of unconditional cash transfers: a replication study of the short-term effects in Kenya

Replication paper 3ie 2019

Wang and colleagues replicate the results of a randomized evaluation carried out by Haushofer and Shapiro in 2016.

Mobile money and its impact on improving living conditions in Niger: a replication study

Replication paper 3ie

Edmundo Beteta and colleagues replicate the results of a randomized evaluation carried out by Aker and colleagues in 2016 in Niger.

Savings revisited: a replication study of a savings intervention in Malawi

Replication paper 3ie 2018

Jesper Stage and Tharshini Thangavelu replicate the results of a randomized evaluation carried out by Lasse Brune and colleagues in 2016 in Malawi.

Thou shalt be given... but how? A replication study of a randomized experiment on food assistance in northern Ecuador

Replication paper 3ie 2018

Lhachimi and Seuring re-examine the results of a cluster-randomized evaluation carried out by Melissa Hidrobo and colleagues in 2013 in two provinces in northern Ecuador.

Preventing HIV and HSV-2 through improving knowledge and attitudes: a replication study of a multicomponent intervention in Zimbabwe

Replication paper 3ie 2018
Yu and colleagues conducted a replication study of an influential paper “The Regai Dzive Shiri Project: results of a randomised trial of an HIV prevention intervention for Zimbabwean youth” by Frances Cowan and colleagues.