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As part of our mandate as a knowledge producer and translator for our main audiences, we maintain a range of free online publication series: briefs, impact evaluation reports, systematic review technical and summary reports, replication papers, evidence gap map reports, scoping, and working papers.

Latest publications

Latest publications

Power to the people?: a replication study of a community-based monitoring programme in Uganda

Replication paper 3ie 2016 In this replication study, Katherine Donato and Adrian Garcia Mosqueira re-examine the results of an influential 2009 study on community-based monitoring in Uganda by Martina Björkman and Jakob Svensson.

Cash-based approaches in humanitarian emergencies

Systematic review 3ie 2016

This review by Doocy and Tappis assessed and synthesised existing evidence on the effects of cash-based approaches on individual and household outcomes in humanitarian emergencies.

Economic self-help group programmes for improving women’s empowerment

Systematic review 3ie 2016

This review by Brody and colleagues examines the effectiveness of self-help group (SHG) interventions in improving women’s empowerment.

Evidence for peacebuilding: an evidence gap map

Evidence gap map 3ie 2015

Around 70 per cent of fragile states have seen conflict since 1989 and 30 per cent of official development assistance is spent in fragile and conflict-affected situations.

Do incentives improve tax collectors’ performance and increase tax collection in Pakistan?

Impact evaluation Brief 3ie 2017 Researchers worked with the provincial government in Punjab to evaluate the impact of a pay-for-performances scheme for tax collectors. The scheme aimed to incentivise tax collection while maintaining or improving assessment accuracy.

Business support for small and medium enterprises in low- and middle-income countries

Systematic review 3ie 2016

This systematic review by Piza and colleagues synthesises the existing evidence on the impact of business support services for small and medium enterprises.

Does skilling Moroccan youth help them become employed?

Impact evaluation Brief 3ie 2017 This brief examines the impact of 100 Hours to Success. This intervention aimed at helping adolescent men and women living in Morocco’s Oriental region to find employment and improve their financial habits.

Parental, community and familial support for children’s literacy in developing countries

Systematic review 3ie 2016

This systematic review by Spier and colleagues examines evidence on the effect of parental, familial and community support interventions to improve children’s literacy development.

Factors affecting uptake of voluntary and community-based health insurance schemes in low-and middle-income countries

Systematic review 3ie 2016

This systematic review by Panda and colleagues examines the demand and supply factors that affect uptake and renewal of community-based voluntary health insurance schemes in low- and middle-income

Youth gang membership and violence in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic review (Part I)

Systematic review 3ie 2016

This review by Higginson and colleagues is the first of a two part systematic review that examines the predictors of youth participation in gangs and preventative