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As part of our mandate as a knowledge producer and translator for our main audiences, we maintain a range of free online publication series: briefs, impact evaluation reports, systematic review technical and summary reports, replication papers, evidence gap map reports, scoping, and working papers.

Latest publications

Latest publications

Removing barriers to higher education in Chile: evaluation of peer effects and scholarships for test preparation

Impact evaluation 3ie 2016

This study by Banerjee, Duflo and Gallego evaluated the impact of providing scholarships to secondary school students from low- and middle-income households to help them attend high-quality trainin

Examining the evidence base for forest conservation interventions

Evidence gap map 3ie 2016

This evidence gap map examines the high-quality evidence available in the area of forest conservation in low-and middle-income countries.

Youth and transferable skills: an evidence gap map

Evidence gap map 3ie 2015

Policymakers, programme implementers and educators recognise that the skills a young person needs to succeed in today’s world go beyond technical know-how in an employment setting.

The effects of training, innovation and new technology on African smallholder farmers’ wealth and food security

Systematic review 3ie 2015 This systematic review by Stewart and colleagues analyses the impact of several farming interventions on household income and food security among rural households. Included studies assess the effects of innovation and new technology interventions.

Policing interventions for targeting interpersonal violence in developing countries: a systematic review

Systematic review 3ie 2015

This systematic review by Higginson and colleagues examines the effectiveness of policing interventions in reducing interpersonal violent crime in developing countries.

The long and short of returns to public investments in fifteen Ethiopian villages

Replication paper 3ie 2015

This is a replication study by William H. Bowser of an impact evaluation by Stefan Dercon, Daniel O. Gilligan, John Hoddinott and Tassew Woldehanna.

Assessing long-term impacts of conditional cash transfers on children and young adults in rural Nicaragua

Impact evaluation 3ie 2015

While there is evidence on the positive short-term impacts of conditional cash transfer (CCT) programmes on education, health and poverty reduction, little is known about their long-term effects.

Impact evaluations of development programmes: experiences from Vietnam

Working paper 3ie 2014

Poverty reduction is one of the major goals of development policy in Vietnam.

Farmer field schools: from agricultural extension to adult education

Systematic review summary 3ie 2014 Since the late 1980s, support to agriculture has moved from top-down agricultural extension towards more participatory approaches which better suit smallholder farmers. One such approach is the farmer field school (FFS), an adult education intervention which uses intensive discovery-based learning to promote skills. Although FFS has been used to train 12 million farmers in over 90 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America, the effectiveness of this approach has long been a subject of debate.

A rapid assessment randomised-controlled trial of improved cookstoves in rural Ghana

Impact evaluation 3ie 2013 This impact evaluation, by David I. Levine and Jason Burwen, uses a randomised controlled trial to quantify the impact of an improved wood cookstove on changes in fuel use, exposure to smoke and self-reported health in the upper west region of Ghana.