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As part of our mandate as a knowledge producer and translator for our main audiences, we maintain a range of free online publication series: briefs, impact evaluation reports, systematic review technical and summary reports, replication papers, evidence gap map reports, scoping, and working papers.

Latest publications

Latest publications

Water to save lives

Impact evaluation Brief 3ie PDF icon 2009  
Contaminated water is bad for health, resulting in thousands of premature deaths around the world each year. There is strong evidence that household water treatment has the biggest impact and is the most costeffective method in reducing risks of diarrhoea.

Getting girls into school: a development benefit for all

Impact evaluation Brief 3ie PDF icon 2009  
A disproportionate number of girls remain out of schools in many developing countries. Evidence shows there is a need for ‘gender-targeted’ programs. Such targeted programs may be financial incentives - which a number have studies have found to be effective - or female-friendly schools, for which the evidence base is weak

Running water, working toilets and safe hygiene practices

Impact evaluation Brief 3ie PDF icon 2009  
The world is falling behind its targets to improve people’s access to sanitation, with major health costs. There is strong evidence that both sanitation and hygiene interventions are highly effective in reducing risks of diarrhoea, however public health promotion appears more cost-effective.

Indoor Air Pollution: There is no smoke without fire

Impact evaluation Brief 3ie PDF icon 2009  
Few rigorous impact evaluations are available. While assessments of the broad range of interventions find indoor air pollution is reduced, there is less evidence on how these affect health outcomes and which interventions are most cost-effective.

A youth wage subsidy experiment for South Africa

Impact evaluation 3ie PDF icon 2015  

South Africa has a youth unemployment problem.

Designing impact evaluations: different perspectives

Working paper 3ie PDF icon 2009  

Robert Chambers, Dean Karlan, Martin Ravallion and Patricia Rogers present their views on the evaluation of three interventions – conditional cash transfer, infrastructure, and anti-corruption prog

Willingness to pay for cleaner water in less developed countries: systematic review of experimental evidence

Systematic review 3ie PDF icon 2012  

Clair Null et al. examines studies that have used randomized approaches or even attempted to measure households' willingness to pay for cleaner water.

Food for thought: Are school feeding programmes effective in improving educational outcomes?

Impact evaluation Brief 3ie PDF icon 2009  
Existing evidence: School feeding leads to better educational outcomes, though results are more positive for school enrolment and attendance than for cognitive performance.

We all need more education: What can be done to reduce teacher absenteeism

Impact evaluation Brief 3ie PDF icon 2009  
Monitoring and financial incentives have been shown to have a significant impact on absenteeism, whereas local monitoring of attendance has failed to have such an impact. However, more evidence is required to strengthen these conclusions.

Special needs education: Towards more inclusive

Impact evaluation Brief 3ie PDF icon 2009  
There is a lack of credible data on children with disabilities in developing nations, presenting an obstacle for rigorous research evaluation of policy interventions.